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Support Us

As a CLT, we are a membership-based organization open to all residents living within our service area and those who support the movement for housing justice in New Orleans.

Building and supporting our membership base is a crucial component of our work to transform unjust housing policies and organize for permanently affordable housing. With our members, we are expanding the pipeline of affordable housing in the Mid-City area, while improving housing conditions across whole the city.

Membership in JPNSI starts at $10!  Membership rates are on a sliding scale according to income and run on a calendar year basis. JPNSI membership consists of two types: Regular and Supporting.

Regular Members applies to residents who live in our service area. Those residing outside our service area are Supporting Members.


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We will be up against some tough fights in the months and years to come. With your help, we can continue our deeply impactful work of advocating for more just and equitable neighborhoods that include residents of all income levels, and where black residents who have lived in their communities for generations are not easily displaced.

Together, we can center the housing needs of renters and working families.
Together, we can counteract the exploitative and speculative property development schemes that are pricing residents out of our city.
Together, we can organize and demand rights for tenants so they are protected against price hikes and evictions.
Together, we can keep homeowners in their homes and create affordable shared equity opportunities for low- and moderate income households.
Together, we can build homes for people, not for profits.

Thanks for standing with us. Now let's get to work!

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Support Us

Community land trusts work with and for the community, and we need the support of the community to thrive.

You can support JPNSI by becoming a member, volunteering with us, organizing or hosting a teach-in with our staff, purchasing a t-shirt or a tote-bag, making a financial contribution, and/or donating land into the Land Trust to keep our work on track!​

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