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Short-Term Rentals, Long Term Impacts 2.0 Report Released

Thank you to everyone who made it out last night for the release of our white paper titled "Short-Term Rentals, Long Term Impacts 2.0: The Continued Corrosion of Housing Access and Affordability in New Orleans".


Why are we doing this? We have monitored the rise of the short-term rental industry for over ten years. We have noted its impact on affordable housing, our neighborhoods, and the residents who make up the city of New Orleans. With the recent 5th Circuit ruling, we are genuinely fearful that the city's affordable and middle-class housing stock will get devoured by out of state corporations and property management groups. This is a call to action and you must be involved!


Jane Place has shifted its position on short-term rentals from our previous report in 2018.

We want them banned, outright, full-stop.


You can read the full report by following this link: Short-Term Rentals, Long Term Impacts 2.0


Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center has built a Call to Action Form to contact your Councilmembers


We will also be helping to update with information and important dates and meetings coming up over the next two months.

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