Supporting Housing Affordability & Equitable Neighborhood Development




Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative (JPNSI) is a housing and community development nonprofit committed to creating sustainable, democratic, and economically just neighborhoods and communities.

We are excited to announce that, in February, residents will move into the Palmyra Apartments, the first permanently affordable apartment building in New Orleans!

Utilizing the community land trust (CLT) model of shared-equity and land stewardship, JPNSI is working to increase the range of affordable housing options available to low- and moderate income residents by encouraging resident-controlled development; advocating for shared-equity models of homeownership, cooperative housing, and rental opportunities; and promoting community-building initiatives that advance equitable housing patterns, neighborhood stability, and community-driven land-use planning.


JPNSI Board Members Adrian Manriquez, Isabel Barrios, Maxwell Ciardullo, Kate Scott, Brice White, and Shana griffin (plus JPNSI enthusiast Zora) at the April 2015 launch of the 2739 Palmyra Project. Read more here